We are excited to present an exclusive interview with the CEO of Bigazines as part of the company's 20th anniversary celebration. In this interview, the CEO will provide valuable insights into the company's history, achievements, and the range of services it offers. We take pride in sharing this interview as a way to introduce Bigazines and commemorate its significant milestone.


我们非常兴奋地推出 Bigazines 首席执行官的独家采访,作为公司20周年纪念庆典的一部分。在这次采访中,首席执行官将提供有关公司历史、成就和所提供服务范围的宝贵见解。我们为分享这次采访感到自豪,这是介绍 Bigazines 并纪念其重要里程碑的一种方式。