Leonor Greyl eCommerce

Leonor Greyl

#Magento eCommerce

Leonor Greyl is a French hair care brand, established in 1968. Known as the pioneer of using natural ingredients to achieve hair caring, they have insisted on using organic plant extracts and mild formulas to improve the health of different scalp and hair types.


This project was to revamp the site and integrate it with Magento, by which content for their products can be managed by the tailor-made Content Management System (CMS). With Magento, our client can easily manage the contents shown to different customer groups.


We have also design and set up various price rules for our client to have a better control with promotions offers for their customers, so that discounts and special gifts are applied automatically, increasing efficiency and flexibility.


On top of that, we have developed a diagnosis system, custom-made for our client, where customers can take a quick hair analysis. Based on what hair condition customers have, the system will automatically provide the most suitable products and steps of using the products for them.